“You can’t get a teenager to church without three things…. patience, their friends and…..PIZZA!” –anonymous

Sunday night meals are the centerpiece of our Youth Programming. In the world we live in today it can be challenging to get a whole family around a table to enjoy a meal together. The Grand Valley youth group believes that to be a Body of Christ we have to eat just like the disciples did… around a big table together!

The Youth Meal Coordinator will work directly with the Youth Director to organize a snack supper for youth each Sunday night. Because we are a Grand Valley youth group, our location changes depending on the date, so check the calendar for time/location – but we most often meet at FUMC from 5:00-7:00pm.

Meals can be provided by parents or any of our church members, committees or teams.

We will be providing food for 30-50 youth each Sunday night. We encourage two families to partner in providing the meal.

Essential Duties:

  1. Manage the MealTrain online sign-up tool and ensure there is a meal each Sunday needed.
  2. Recruit parents and church committees through utilizing church communications and bulletin boards as well as phone calls to sign up for a meal.
  3. Checks with youth director about paper product supplies to make sure we have adequate amounts for the week.
  4. Provides instructions to families preparing the meal on where to get paper products and drink mixes for the youth to use on Sunday Nights.
  5. Coordinates with the Youth Director to fill in gaps where families have not signed up.