Our paid staff delights in caring for your child(ren) while you are in worship or other church activities! Our caregivers are CPR/First Aid certified and strive to provide a safe, clean, and nurturing environment while you are away. A pager system is used to communicate with parents, should the need arise.

Current Information

We keep allergy and contact information on file. Please update us with any changes as well as specifics on how you wish for us to handle certain emergencies (ex: epi-pen). Light snacks, such as Cheerios and graham crackers are often provided. Due to various food allergies, we limit outside food and drink to bottled infant formula/milk and water.

Label everything!

Diaper bags, pacifiers, sippy cups, jackets, etc. are easily mixed up … please label all belongings with your child’s name.

Sign in. Sign out.

Please help us keep an accurate record of who is with us and where you can be located. Please, too, include all names of people who have permission to pick up your child on that given day, as we cannot know if this changes week by week.

New phases.

Cutting teeth? Potty-training? Biting/hitting? It is helpful for our staff to know what is going on in your child’s development, so that we can better predict and react to situations. If potty-training, please provide a change of clothes in a labeled bag, as accidents happen when kids are in a different environment and away from your routine.

Special toys.

Please leave special toys at home, unless it is a comfort item that can be kept hidden until needed. It is difficult to explain to the other children why a toy car or favorite doll cannot be shared.

Sick kids.

Out of concern for others and the comfort of your own child, please keep sick kids home. If a child shows signs of illness, we will ask that he/she be removed from the nursery/childcare environment.