FUMC Memorial Scholarship

FUMC Scholarship funds are available to any member of First United Methodist Church who is pursuing classes to develop skills for today’s changing workplace (i.e. computer/technology literacy or vocational classes). If you are in need of new skills to adapt to the world as it is today, there are funds available to help offset the cost! Submit a completed application to the church office.  Click for application.

Diaper Depot

Our Diaper Depot is in need of volunteers. We will need help bagging diapers and handing the diapers out to the families that come in, there’s not much more to it! If you are available to help, even for part of the time, contact Anna Aleksa at  970-946-3179, or sign up on the bulletin board by the office! 

We are also in dire need of your contributions, either monetarily or diaper donations. Our ministry outreach has more than DOUBLED over the last few months and our need is greater than ever. If you would like to donate diapers, please remember that we accept PAMPERS, HUGGIES or LUVS and we are especially in need of sizes 4, 5 and 6. For monetary donations, please specify “diaper depot.” Thank you for your contributions to this amazing ministry.

Important UMC News

There has been a significant breakthrough in the legislative process for General Conference dealing with the structure of the United Methodist Church that was just released January 3. If you would like to see the document, click here

Herb & Laura May Bacon Forum for Faith in Community Life

FUMC has created the Herb & Laura May Bacon Forum for Faith in Community Life. It seems fitting that the first speaker was the President of the Iliff School of Theology, Rev. Dr. Thomas Wolfe. He addressed the changes taking place in United Methodism and Iliff’s response as a United Methodist institution of graduate level theological education. Look here for future news on the Bacon Forum for Faith in Community Life.

Mountain Sky Conference Information

Are you interested in annual Mountain Sky Conference? Do you want to be informed about the happenings taking place in our broader UM church?