5 Markers that are cairns on the path of faith. These cairns guide us on our path of life and help us to fulfill God’s purpose for each of us. These markers are also a part of the pledge that persons take in order to come into membership of the church.

1)    Prayers: praying is a conversation with God in a variety of ways for a variety of reasons. Ways we can Grow offers support and resources for Continued Spiritual Growth. Followers of Jesus are encouraged to pray daily and throughout the day, this includes listening prayers for God’s guidance. Intercessory prayers for others in need are raised in worship weekly, requests are put on the church’s prayer chain, and e-mail blast to the congregation weekly lifts up some of the prayer needs.

2)    Presence: Our participation is marked by a commitment to worship together regularly, and to share in the ministry of the church beyond the sanctuary. Grow: by attending a bible study or a small group, find support for your needs. Fellowship: dine in/dine out groups and many social ways to connect. Serve: on one of the 13 committees or volunteer in an area of your interest such as children, youth, or adult education.

3)    Gifts: Offering our talents and our treasures to God’s work through the congregation both blesses us and the recipients of our gifts. Your skills are valuable and needed for this faith family to become all God has created us to be.

Financial support includes making weekly or monthly pledges throughout the year. The ministries of FUMC are 98% donor-given.

Financial gifts are tax deductible and confidential. Donors receive statements for pledging and tax purposes. Designated giving, memorial gifts, and bequests are also part of the gift giving option.

4)    Service: Outreach is necessary as we follow Christ’s ways. He attended to the needs of others beyond any benefit to himself. So too, FUMC has a variety of ways that people can engage in meaningful service. Such as volunteering in the children and youth areas, serving lunch to students of R-5 school, joining a committee to oversee the work of a ministry area.

5)    Witness: The way we behave our beliefs. Our mission statements says, taking Christ to the community and the community to Christ. How we live everyday, relate with others throughout the day, and seek to remain in conscious contact with God, are all about our witness.  We do this as a congregation by inviting F.R.A.N.K. to worship and special events (Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, Neighbors, Kids).

We reach out and invite in; sharing the love and purpose of Jesus Christ as we go.