How and when do you celebrate Holy Communion?

Communion is one of two sacraments (a sacred event established by Jesus Christ. It is God’s way of blessing us in a way that only God can do.) that we practice. The other is Baptism.

Methodism founder, John Wesley, taught that Holy Communion was one of the means by which we receive God’s grace (unconditional love) and that every Christian should take Holy Communion frequently.

FUMC celebrates Holy Communion on the first Sunday of every month plus special Holy Days such as Holy Thursday just prior to Easter, and on Christmas Eve.

Although United Methodists encourage variety in the celebration of the Lord’s Supper, the most common pattern is using a prepared liturgy which reflects patterns and practices which have been followed with some consistency since the First Century. We believe the priestly act of consecrating (making holy) the bread and juice is to be done by an ordained minister.

Open Table

Very important to us is the belief that Christ’s table is open to everyone who is willing to apologize for their sinful mistakes, to live in love and charity with their neighbors, and to grow a loving relationship with God. We do not restrict the Lord’s Supper only to members or even only to United Methodists. Everyone is invited to Christ’s table.

(Some United Methodist parents choose to follow the historic practice of withholding Holy Communion from their children until after they have been Confirmed while others encourage their kids to receive the sacrament).