Kid’s Message: During the 9am and 11am Sunday church services there will be a brief children’s sermon that will help bring the message to our kids in an understandable and relatable way. We will also provide some resources, extra activities and discussions under the resource link below to help our families to continue to engage and learn about the message at home throughout the week.
Resources: Can be found in the link below. It is a Google Drive folder where you can access and print the resources that go along with the Kid’s message on Sunday morning

Children’s Sunday school: Sunday school is for kids in preschool through fifth grade. We meet every Sunday throughout the year at 10:10am at the church between the 9am and 11am service. We are exploring loving God and loving neighbor, and learning how to be Jesus’ disciples. We are encouraging our kids to “dive deeper” into the Bible and explore their faith. 

Moms-N-More: Is open to Everyone… moms, dads, foster parents, grandparents and anyone, looking for meaningful time together filled with devotional time, activities, conversations, and much more. It truly takes a village and we are growing a loving and supportive community. Stay tuned for upcoming information.

Village of Faith Nights (VOF):  A way for our church to come together; including kids, adults, families and friends, to enjoy faith, food, family and fun. Held on the 3rd Sunday of every month from 5-7pm, some special events may change dates and times of VOF. Each month you can expect a different activity from church/Bible scavenger hunt, game night, camp night, and so much more. Come join the Village!

Sunday Prayer Corner:  Prayer is such a powerful way to connect with God and with each other. Join us on Facebook Live on our Family First UMC page for a Sunday prayer corner at 3pm (ish). We will take a few minutes to pray together and fill each other with prayer and hope for a blessed week to come.

Click the link to join our Family First UMC page:

We follow Safe Sanctuaries guidelines to protect our children and annually train our staff and volunteers.