Connection Ministry

Inspired by some caring and hardworking people at FUMCGJ to draw people together during the Corona Virus and beyond, Connection Ministry was created.

Seven small groups of approximately eight each were formed after surveys were filled out and studied. Within those groups, group leaders were appointed, and they assigned members into pairs to form “phone buddies.” The goal is weekly phone connections and to offer help if needed. Also, hopefully strong friendships will form which will last beyond this phase of physical isolation from others.

Touching stories of camaraderie have come out of these groups.  One group member found out that the group leader was fostering a rescue dog. Upon learning about the dog and its story, that person fell in love with the pet. Before you know it, the dog found a forever home and the person found a new best friend.

Connections Ministry is led by Karen Hughes. We invite anyone who has an interest in having a phone buddy to contact Karen Hughes at or 970.523.3520. 

Max Stites has recruited a team of helpers to assist people who are at high risk of contracting the corona virus, and who need someone to help with errands such as shopping, picking up medications, etc. Call Max at (970) 256-7797 if you need help.


Pastoral & Hospital Visitation

If you would like to receive a home or hospital visit from Pastor Steve, while you are unable to attend worship, please call or email the church office at 970-242-4850 OR  Your specific situation will remain confidential.

Other Ways to Connect (for more information contact the church office)

  • Engage in worship through live-streaming (see home page)
  • Request to be part of “Extend the Table” Communion Ministry
  • Request to be added to our Prayer Chain
  • Request a worship DVD, sermon notes, and What’s Cookin be mailed to you weekly
  • Like our Facebook page at
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