New Pastor Introduction

Introducing Rev. Steve and Kim Easterday-McPadden
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SPRC member Larry Beckner read the following announcement in worship last Sunday, Feb. 15:

This last Thursday evening your Staff Parish Relations Committee met with Rev. Steve Easterday-McPadden.  Pastor Steve has been selected by Bishop Stanovsky to serve as our next senior pastor. This appointment will be effective July 1, 2015.

We also learned that Rev. Laura will be reappointed to continuing serving this church for another year.  The Committee supports this appointment and we look forward to Laura remaining with us. Her ministry has taken us in many new and rewarding directions including her leadership at the 9:00 service.

I will share with you some information about Pastor Steve and his wife Kim.  They come to us from Ft. Collins United Methodist Church where he has been the senior pastor.  He has also served churches in Longmont and Durango. Prior to entering the ministry, Steve was an electric power engineer with Public Service Company of Colorado.

Pastor Steve received his electrical engineering degree from the University of Colorado and graduated from Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky. He has been a cub scout master, he is a motorcycle enthusiast, bicyclist, guitarist and vocalist.  He was the tenor banjo player in a Dixieland/gospel/jazz band. The Two-Year Academy for Spiritual Formation is another interest he has.

Steve’s wife, Kim, works as an office manager for Edward Jones in Ft. Collins. Along with her husband she has lead Disciple Bible studies. She belongs to UMW and likes to cook and do behind-the-scenes work for church dinners.

Steve and Kim have two daughters, Carly who is a registered nurse, and Darrel who is working on her PhD in physics.  Their twin sons, Peter and Isaac, are enrolled at the University of Colorado. Peter is studying computer science and Isaac is studying chemical engineering.

Steve told SPRC that he has a “love of worship in any format.”  He added that “God moves deeply in my soul through music.”  He has a deep interest in scripture, Biblical languages and in spiritual formation. He has a solid understanding of the business aspects of church leadership such as finance and budget, developing and managing staff, and working with teams to accomplish ministerial goals. Steve has also worked successfully with the same consulting company that we are currently using and which assists congregations through capital campaigns.

Rev. Blaine will be a very tough act to follow. He has served as our loved Pastor for more than ten years and during that time our church has become much stronger in so many ways. Rev. Blaine loves this church and he loves his congregation. His leadership, spirituality, humor and love of God has been an inspiration to me and hopefully to all of you. But now our Bishop, the Cabinet and Blaine have determined it is time for him to pursue a new ministry setting.

The Conference has sent to us Pastor Steve who this Committee believes is an excellent fit for this church and who will take us in new directions. Please mark July 1 on your calendar as the day to meet our new Pastor.

Important Announcement

Hello members and friends of FUMC Grand Junction,

Our congregation’s Staff Parish Relations Committee, in consultation with the Bishop and Cabinet of the Rocky Mountain Conference, and myself, wish to share the following information that was announced in worship services on Sunday, February 1.  The content of the announcement is within this message below, and it is attached as a document. Following the document information, please continue reading a personal message from me.

Sr. Pastor Transition Announcement

In worship on February 1, a member of the Staff Parish Relations Committee made the following announcement verbatim:

The Staff Parish Relations Committee is a group of church members and our two pastors who oversee the staff and clergy positions.

​ (see committee member roster at the bottom of this message)​

In the United Methodist structure, clergy are appointed to serve a congregation on a year-to-year basis. Therefore, in late Fall of each year, our committee enters into conversation with our clergy, and we send appointment forms on to the Bishop and her Cabinet. The Cabinet consists of 6 District Superintendents, one of which oversees our District, and the Bishop.  Now, each of these three entities has voice and choice in the appointment process. That is, the clergy person, the SPR committee, and the Cabinet. Therefore, following months of conversation, prayer, and mutual consent, our committee was asked to share that Rev. Blaine will be receiving a new appointment as of July 1, 2015.


Blaine has served our congregation since 2005, and all three entities have agreed that the timing is of God’s will and that a new appointment for him and for our congregation is appropriate.


The SPRC has been working diligently, and is fully prepared to support our clergy and represent our congregation in this important transition. Just recently, we have compiled a profile of skills and gifts we would like in a new senior pastor. This list will be shared with the Cabinet.


We will be discussing these priorities with Rev. Sione Tukutau, our District Superintendent very soon.   Meanwhile, we will have months ahead to visit with Blaine, ask questions, and gain information.  The SPRC will keep the congregation informed as new information becomes available.

​ ​

Blaine and Tracy are also in conversation with the Cabinet to discern their next appointment. We’ll be glad to share that information as it becomes available.


News like this may be a surprise to some, and expected by others. Each of us responds uniquely to this type of change. So the committee and our pastors ask that you listen and support one another however we may respond to this news. And above all, pray for our pastors and their families, for our congregation and the sprc, and for the Bishop and her Cabinet during this season of transition.


​ SPRC Members: Chairperson, Vicki Stites, Les Zetmeir, Janet Brink, Suzie Steel, Abby Landmeier, Bronwyn Smith, Larry Beckner, Amy Gibbs, Luke Gingerich. Lay Leader, Buzz Schoenbeck. Pastors’ Laura and Blaine.

Personal message from me

An announcement like this, sets many thoughts and emotions in to play for all of us, including me. And I’m grateful that we have some months ahead to journey through the stages of grief, work through important transitions, and ultimately celebrate the ways that God has blessed us in our relationships over the past ten years. Right now though, there are more questions than answers. So I just wanted to share a couple of viewpoints from where I sit:

First, I firmly believe that God is calling me to a new ministry setting, which does mean that I must leave my FUMC family. This calling has been confirmed by the Bishop and appointive Cabinet, the SPRC, and me. Therefore, there is no one person or entity to blame as the cause for this transition. ​

Secondly, Tracy and I are in conversation with the Bishop and appointive Cabinet about what my next ministry appointment setting will look like. When we know some concrete outcomes, we’ll communicate it to the congregation; it may be another month possibly. And so the faithful task is to trust God’s leading in the meanwhile.

Thirdlly, the SPRC is prepared with a profile of our congregation’s needs and the gifts & skills that would be highest priority in a new sr. pastor. Please pray for them and the Cabinet as they discern and communicate together. Again, they’ll be sure to inform the congregation as soon as concrete outcomes occur. 

Lastly, for now anyway, I deeply appreciate the love and ministry we have shared together through the years. And I humbly request that you continue to support our congregation’s ministries by being present, praying, giving, and serving through this time of transition. For we must remain as the body of Christ empowered by the Holy Spirit in order to fulfill God’s will for each of us in the months to come. God has a powerful future ahead for our congregation, and He needs each of us to fulfill our part. 

With love and prayers,

Rev. Blaine